• Berg, Chris -- Sam Houston State University
  • Chambers, Glenn -- Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History, Texas A&M University

  • Dailey, Maceo C., Jr. -- Ph.D., Director of African American Studies, Associate
    Professor, University of Texas-El Paso

  • Evans, Roxanne -- Austin, Texas
  • Gonzales, Rhonda -- Ph. D., Assoc. Professor of History, University of Texas-San

  • Holder, Angela -- History professor, Houston Community College, Central Campus

  • Hurd, Michael -- Austin, Texas
  • Ledgerwood, III, L.W. -- Sam Houston State University
  • Richmond, Douglas -- Ph.D., professor of history, University of Texas-Arlington

  • Sanders, Craig -- Sam Houston State University
  • Smith, Rebecca -- Puebla, Mexico
  • Smith, Starita -- Ph.D., sociologist, writer

  • Taylor, Stephen E. -- Sam Houston State University
Texas Black History Preservation Project
Documenting the Complete African American Experience in Texas -- "Know your history, know yourself"